Speeding, aggressive driving, distracted driving, and driving under the influence are the most prevalent causes of auto accidents in Virginia. You may be entitled to make an insurance claim or a civil action to recover medical costs, lost income, “pain and suffering,” and inconvenience if you were harmed in an accident caused by any of these or other types of negligence.

It’s no fun being hit while driving. A car or truck accident can ruin your day and leave everyone involved injured. Why do you need an attorney after getting in a car accident? Because insurance companies can be pushy, and they often try to get you to settle right away. You have the right to be dealt with genuinely after a car or truck accident, and you need time to recuperate and heal.

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Our Roanoke, Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer at Brown & Brown Attorneys is Harry Brown. Harry Brown has been assisting his clients in recovering from personal injuries sustained in auto accidents in and around Roanoke, Virginia, for over 20 years.

Brown & Brown can go the extra mile and help you anywhere in Virginia or West Virginia to help you if you are in a car accident including the following: Salem, Virginia, Blacksburg, Virginia, Vinton, Virginia, Roanoke, Virginia, Rocky Mount, Virginia, Bedford, Virginia, Lynchburg, Virginia, Christiansburg, Virginia, Bassett, Virginia Fairfax, Virginia Troutville, Virginia, Danville, Virginia, Daleville, Virginia, Henry Virginia, Rockbridge County, Virginia, Natural Bridge Virginia, Harrisonburg, Virginia, Norfolk, Virginia, Suffolk Virginia.

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