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With decades of combined experience, our team of personal injury lawyers possesses the knowledge and skills to handle even the most complex cases. We've seen it all, and we know what it takes to win.


Time is of the essence in personal injury cases. Our aggressive approach means that we won't waste a moment in building a strong case on your behalf.


We are deeply committed to our clients and their well-being. When you choose Brown & Brown Legal, you can trust that we will work tirelessly on your behalf, fighting for the justice and compensation you deserve.


We believe that compassion is not just a virtue – it's a fundamental aspect of effective legal representation. By treating our clients with kindness, respect, and empathy.

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You have real needs and real questions. When you call or email Brown & Brown Attorneys, you can feel secure in the fact that your case is being handled by a real attorney.  Our goal is to take care of your needs in a professional and personalized fashion. When you need an attorney, you need Brown and Brown Attorneys.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you need answers, and you need help. The initial days after your accident or injury are often painful, overwhelming, and confusing. Your priority should be getting medical attention and starting recovery. A thorough evaluation by a physician is vital, since symptoms of some injuries, like brain or soft tissue wounds, may not emerge immediately.

After receiving treatment for your injuries, you may not know what to do next. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is essential to making sure you have an experienced professional representing your interests. When you contact Brown & Brown Attorneys, your personal injury lawyer in Roanoke, VA, will fight for your right to get the care you need.

When you’re recovering from a car accident, our personal injury lawyers will remove the added stress of filing claims. We’ll negotiate with insurance companies and put our knowledge of the law to work for you.
Get the fair settlement you deserve. Brown & Brown Attorneys are 5 star rated personal injury lawyers in Roanoke, VA who will get results for you.

Your injury changed your life. Let us make sure you don’t face the additional pain of dealing with insurance companies or complex medical claims processes. We have decades of experience working with personal injury laws and specific rules dealing with car accidents. We’ll give you the personal attention you need and deserve to get a sufficient resolution of your personal injury claim. If you want a Virginia car accident or personal injury lawyer who is a true advocate for you, call or email Brown & Brown Attorneys.

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We handle Personal Injury cases in both Virginia & West Virginia. What sets Brown & Brown Attorneys apart from other law firms? Personalized attention from an experienced attorney.

Were you in a car wreck? Truck accident? Motorcycle accident? The personal injury attorneys at Brown and Brown Attorneys can help you in Virginia and West Virginia.

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Harry W. Brown, Esq

Founding Principle & Attorney
Harry Brown, Esq., LL.M., is a Founding Principle of Brown and Brown Attorneys and a seasoned trial lawyer. For twenty years Harry has maintained a general practice of law and has tried hundreds of cases appearing both in bench trials and in jury trials.

Michael E. Brown, Esq.

Founding Principle & Attorney
Michael Brown, Esq., J.D. is a Founding Principle of Brown and Brown Attorneys. Michael is a general practice attorney who’s practice has focused heavily on cases that are complex in the medical related field.

Dan Ashwell, Esq.

Danny D. Ashwell, Jr. obtained his undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech and his Law degree from University of Pittsburgh. Mr. Ashwell is an experienced trial attorney focusing on personal injury cases for over seventeen years. Danny has represented hundreds of injured individuals throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia in General District, Circuit Court and Federal Court. His representation has led to numerous six-figure jury awards and multiple multi-million dollar settlements.

Elizabeth Brown, Esq.

Elizabeth Brown obtained her undergraduate degree from Florida Atlantic University and her Law degree from the Ivy League school of Emory University. Ms. Brown is an experienced trial attorney focusing on employment law, personal injury, trademark, and trusts and estate planning for over fifteen years. Elizabeth has represented hundreds of individuals throughout the Georgia and West Virginia.

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